A Wedding Dress From a Korean Movie

Do you know the theme song of the movie “Election” by Korean film-maker Park Chan ank? The song is about a girl who gets to wear a wedding dress designed by her favorite figure skater. She is also privileged enough to have the dress custom made and be able to keep it for her entire life.

Wedding Dress

The theme of the movie is one that is considered controversial, yet the movie goes on to become a hit in its own right. This article will take a look at the wedding dress designer, who played the role of the girl in the movie – the lead character, Song Ah-Jung.

purple petaled flower bouquet

You would probably be surprised to know that this woman was actually a trained ballroom dancer before she got to study fashion in Korea. She studied both dance and the art of design, and even had her master’s degree from an art college in New York City.

In fact, her most famous dress is the one that is seen in the film. The story goes that the bride was not contented with wearing a normal white dress when she went to get married, so she had the dress custom made to look like a ballroom gown that she wore in previous events.

The wedding dress in question was designed by a woman by the name of Won Young-yeol, and it is the work of her career as a wedding dress designer that is celebrated in the film short wedding dresses. The design that she used was a very simple one that had elaborate carvings and floral designs on it, which made it very beautiful to look at.

It is one of the most important designs that she developed for a wedding dress, and it has a lot of significance in the story. If you are a fan of the movie, you would likely want to get your hands on a copy of this important wedding dress.

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