Before and After Bathroom Renovations in Winnipeg

Bathroom renovations can be truly transformative, turning outdated and lackluster spaces into stunning retreats that elevate the overall appeal of a home. Winnipeg homeowners have been investing in bathroom makeovers, and the results are nothing short of remarkable. In this article, we’ll take a look at some inspiring before and after bathroom renovations in Winnipeg, showcasing the incredible possibilities that await when you decide to revamp your bathroom.

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1. From Dull to Spa-Inspired Elegance

Before: The old bathroom was cramped and dated, with worn-out tiles and fixtures that lacked style and functionality. It lacked storage space, and the colors made the room feel even smaller.

After: The renovated bathroom is now a luxurious spa-inspired oasis. The addition of a frameless glass shower enclosure, complete with sleek fixtures and modern tiles, makes the room feel more spacious. A freestanding bathtub takes center stage, exuding elegance and relaxation. Neutral colors, such as soft grays and whites, create a calming atmosphere, while clever storage solutions keep the space clutter-free.

2. From Outdated to Contemporary Chic

Before: The original bathroom featured a typical builder-grade design, with generic tiles, a standard bathtub, and a pedestal sink. The lack of personality made the space forgettable.

After: The bathroom now boasts a contemporary and chic design. Large-format tiles in a subtle geometric pattern add visual interest, while a floating vanity with double sinks adds functionality bathroom renovation. A glass-enclosed shower with modern fixtures and a rain showerhead adds a touch of luxury. The addition of a full-length mirror and new lighting fixtures brightens up the space, making it feel more open and inviting.

3. From Cramped to Minimalist Beauty

Before: The small bathroom felt cramped and cluttered with its dated tiles, inefficient layout, and limited storage.

After: The renovated bathroom is now a minimalist beauty. A clever reconfiguration of the layout allowed for a more efficient use of space. The installation of a wall-mounted vanity and a floating toilet visually expand the floor area. Large, light-colored tiles on the walls and floor create an illusion of openness, while a recessed niche in the shower provides convenient storage.

4. From Traditional to Modern Rustic

Before: The original bathroom had a traditional design with dark wood cabinets and a standard shower-tub combo. The overall look felt dated and lacked personality.

After: The bathroom now exudes modern rustic charm. A custom-built vanity with reclaimed wood and a vessel sink serves as the focal point. Subway tiles with a weathered finish add texture to the walls, and a glass-enclosed walk-in shower with river rock flooring brings a touch of nature indoors. Industrial-style lighting fixtures and a barn door complete the modern rustic look.

5. From Basic to Bold and Beautiful

Before: The plain and basic bathroom had little character, featuring plain white tiles and standard fixtures.

After: The renovated bathroom is now bold and beautiful. A statement wall with patterned tiles behind the vanity adds visual interest and personality. A freestanding tub, adorned with a stunning chandelier above, creates a focal point. Rich, dark-colored tiles on the floor and in the shower add contrast and depth to the space, making it a luxurious retreat.


These before and after bathroom renovations in Winnipeg showcase the incredible impact that a well-executed renovation can have on transforming a space. From small updates to complete overhauls, each project demonstrates the endless possibilities to turn a dull and outdated bathroom into a stunning and functional masterpiece. Whether you desire a spa-inspired oasis, contemporary chic, minimalist beauty, modern rustic, or bold and beautiful, Winnipeg’s homeowners prove that a bathroom renovation is the key to enhancing the overall beauty and value of your home.

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