Best Selling Cars of All Time – The Top 10 List

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Chevrolet Impala

The Chevrolet brand is one of GM’s most successful cars beside other automakers like Ford and Mercedes, and the beginning of the Impala version in 1958 took GM into a entirely new level with different connotations.

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VW Passat

Germany became a laughing stock as it made the single canister, 12-hp, one-door BMW Isetta to try to recover from the world war but that changed in 1973 when the Volkswagen Group introduced the Passat which has sold about 15.5 million units.

The Passat CC was also ranked best among family sedans by Car and Driver Magazine and whatever direction the future of automobiles take, the Passat will stay as among the best automobiles ever.

Ford Model T

It might have been the best car ever produced, or maybe not Cash For Cars Colorado. But one thing is apparent: that the 1908 Ford model T set the rate to get good automakers of today, the likes of VW, GM, and Toyota. Having recorded earnings of 16.5 million units by the time its production stopped in 1927, the Ford Model T will return as one of the most iconic cars of all time.

Honda Accord

One of the first Japanese cars to be made in the U.S, the Accord is a really successful brand which was marked by enormous sales in every generational development. Currently at 17.5 million sales, the cheap 4-cylinder engine car is very economical and has been rated second among family sedans”still standing” by the Car and Driver Magazine.

Honda Civic

The 15600, 4-cylinder engine Civic is one of the most well-known hatchbacks from the U.S. Being very economical, its prevalence was credited by the high fuel prices in the 1970s and since then Americans have not return. It’s sold 18.5 million components.

Ford Escort

Introduced in 1968, it was Ford’s response to the army of little cars made in Europe in the late 1960s from automakers such as Fiat and VW. The Ford Escort might not have a lot to boast about except for a minimal price and financial mileage, but it aided by parlaying its success into its successor, the Ford Focus. The Escort sold over 20 million units.

VW Beetle

There is no better time than a Beatle’s tune playing in a Beetle’s stereo. Launched in 1933, the Beetle rose instantly to a league of its own; and it is. Produced by Ferdinand Porsche following Hitler’s orders, the Beetle has acclimatized to be VW’s flagship, and it has sold over 24 million components. Easy and tasteful: this really is a Beetle.

VW Golf

MTV didn’t use to play music by African-American singers, but there was no way they could ignore Michael Jackson’s thriller! Being VW’s least expensive compact automobile the Golf has sold 27.5 million units to date.

Ford F-Series

No competition has managed to get this pickup truck marque away America’s best selling list for 30 decades. Coming in many models, the F-Series is still the pickup truck to beat. It has sold over 35 million components.

Toyota Corolla

A rolling stone gathers no moss, also using a brand new model every day that’s economical, practical and economical, Corolla remains the world’s top-seller with 37.5 million units. In reality in Kenya there is a statement that goes:”the car in front of you is obviously a Toyota.”

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