Best Synthetic Motor Oil

Good synthetic motor oil can do wonders for your car. Its superior synthetic content can increase your vehicle’s miles per gallon and improve fuel efficiency. You can get up to 550 extra miles per year by changing your motor oil with synthetic motor oil. And because it contains no petroleum products, synthetic motor oil is also safer for turbocharged engines. It lubricates your car’s engine easily in cold weather and prevents evaporation in hot climates.

Best Synthetic Motor Oil

The Castrol Edge technology claims that it transforms the structure of oil under pressure. By doing so, Castrol claims that its 0W grade is 30% thicker and is stronger than conventional motor oil. The 0W grades will also increase fuel efficiency and protect your vehicle from sludge, a common enemy of modern engines. And the trusted name in car maintenance, Valvoline, offers its SynPower range, which guarantees clean, sludge-free motor oil.

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Another option for the best synthetic motor oil is Shell Rotella. It’s made of advanced additives and can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy by up to 1.5 percent. It has excellent protection and extends the life of your car by protecting against dirt, soot, and dust Quick Lane Oil Change. And it is capable of withstanding the enormous pressure of diesel engines. Listed below are three of the best synthetic motor oils that can increase your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Royal Purple 51530: This premium oil is a recent name but has quickly gained a reputation as a reliable brand. This synthetic oil provides excellent rust and corrosion resistance. It also resists sludge formation and is compatible with other oils with ethanol. Despite its superior performance, some customers complain about leaking or sludge. But Royal Purple is still one of the best options for high-performance vehicles. It has been endorsed by GM dexos1 and ILSAC and is known to provide excellent automotive care.

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