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If you are looking to save some money when buying your next motorcycle, the best way to do so is to shop at one of the many Sixth Street Specials Motorcycle Shop. This is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been in business since 1974. It is run by Frank Scholer. Frank started out working as a glass blower in a storefront window and then opened his own repair shop in the basement of an old house. Later on, he expanded the shop into motorcycle repair, indoor riding, and now his shop offers many services for those interested in motorcycles.

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If you are wondering why the shop is located in a basement, it is simply because the building was so old that there was not much to do in it. Frank Schauer decided to turn the basement into a shop and started with his first project: a custom chopper petescyclesevernapark – this website. The bike was made in a matter of days because the parts were easy to find and there was plenty of room. Since the building was dark, Frank used a welding torch to help him install everything. Today, the original structure still stands and it was not long before word got out about the shop and it soon became famous.

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Motorcycle Shop Promotions

Recently, the shop hosted the “Greatest Outdoor Bike Party” for riders from around the country and even the world. Part of this party included rides through the Thruway and up to Wisconsin. The party featured music by The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Cream, and other well-known bands. Frank served as the grand marshal and proudly wore a shirt that read, “I’m from the blue mountains.”

In addition to the music, the party featured special guest appearance by famous New York Times author Mark Twain. The author gave the grand tour of the back parking lot of the shop, which was filled with his autographed books. This was a pretty big deal since it was the first time he had ever been to the shop. A number of other celebrities made appearances as well. A full cast of musical guests performed songs at the end of the gathering, which included The Bluegrass City Band, The Chariot Brass Band, and The Bluegrass Orchestra.

Another great way to support this wonderful biking club is to support the events they host each year. Many clubs have fundraisers that raise money for equipment and other needs. Last year, the shop decided to host a Special Olympics Weekend, which raised nearly a million dollars for the cause.

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If you are in the area, you may want to stop by the shop during one of their specials. Frank and his staff would love to chat with you about biking in general and maybe even sign you up for some lessons if you have some extra time. If you do not live in New York and do not know anyone who lives here, there are many New York riders in the area who are happy to help out by riding for the cause. If you are lucky enough to visit Frank and his shop during a specials motorcycle shop in New York event, you will most likely have an excellent time.

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