Blackout by David Brang

Young Silencio Bruno is not happy about being called a human. At first, he denounces the term, claiming that it is an insult. However, when his father disappears, Silencio becomes determined to find him and learn what happens to his dad, while also searching for his own missing father. The boy ends up at the beach where he meets up with a girl who calls herself Venus, a member of the Roman race that has been transformed into a human.


While they are sunbathing, Silencio notices that there is a lump on her lower back that seems to be causing her discomfort. She tells him that it is a tumor and that he should go to see a doctor about it, but he refuses. Instead, he decides to spend the day at the beach with his friends and tries to help Venus remove the lump using his magic wand. Meanwhile, his father appears from the beach and informs him that he has accepted his invitation to the Summer Festival, to which he is going as a guest.

Bunny, Rabbit, Grass, Ears, Teeth

Once at the festival, he meets Jacob, who is working as an usher, and later learns that Silencio is his godson. After making a few rounds, Jacob realizes that Silencio is actually named Joseph, meaning “God is coming.” This shocks both boys, but then the roman begins to explain the meaning of each letter of the alphabet click here to learn more. When Silencio tries to stop him, Jacob threatens to leave town if Silencio does not change his mind. The boy decides to obey.

The next morning, Joseph and Silencio are seen by Venus, who identifies them as her grandchildren. At first, Silencio is suspicious of Joseph for forgetting to register his birthday, but when he sees the good intentions of Joseph for the boy, he lets the two go free.

Later that evening, Joseph accidentally drops down a note, which says: “You are my best friend in heaven and earth.” Later that night, Silencio receives a call from his son, Enrico Casarosa, who wants his dad to come to the party, where his parents are supposed to meet him. As it turns out, there was a misunderstanding: Enrico had gone on a hunting trip with his friend Piero, whom Silencio had never met before.

Enrico is the one who finds out about Silencio’s “best friend” status, so Joseph comes to help him, although Joseph initially balks at the idea because of how little he knows of the Italian countryside. However, when Enrico gives him the money for the food (which is also supposedly leftover from Piero’s hunting trip), Joseph is so happy he decides to go along, despite his initial hesitation.

When they arrive at the farm, Joseph immediately identifies himself to Silencio as his best friend and tells him all about what happened on his and Enrico’s previous visit, leading Silencio to believe that maybe his little bit of land was not just leftover from a rich benefactor’s trip. In the end, Joseph wins Enrico’s heart, though this comes at the cost of killing some sea monsters. Although Joseph and Silencio come together to save the day, they part on bad terms, with Joseph leaving town to pursue his destiny.

One interesting thing about this book is that the author has chosen not to focus entirely on the plot, but instead concentrate on building up the friendship between the two main characters. I don’t think I have ever read a book where the plot was so important, yet Benito and Silencio were so enjoyable to read about.

They had a very unique dynamic between them, which added an appealing quality to the story. It kept me interested in what was going on, especially because there were so many twists and turns throughout the story. I’m also not the kind of person who likes the hero and main character to be so good-looking. I felt that Benito and Silencio were still very plain, and not necessarily sexy or ‘attractive’, but more down to earth, and I liked that.

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