Cartoning Machines are Getting Smarter and Simpler Thanks to the Recent Technologies

From the renown packaging machine manufacturer Kliklok Woodman in the United Kingdom to the Coesia Group owned company R.A Jones, packaging machine manufacturers around the world have been constant looking for innovative Cartoning Machines are Getting Smarter that can be perfect in all aspects: speed, footprint, cost, performance and quality.

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Robotics Approach that Offers more Functions

One of the methods they turn to is the robotics solutions. Jorge Izquierdo, vice president, market development for PMMI, Herndon, VA, commented that robots can make cartoning machines smaller, more affordable and with improved availability for miscellaneous products and a wide range of products.

Meanwhile, the robotic cartoning machine when combined with artificial intelligence, will reduce the level of technical skills the operator need to operate a cartoning machine.

Cartoning Machines are Getting Smarter

 “New technologies are replacing the complex mechanical structures thanks to which cartoning machines nowadays are becoming more and more compact and simpler in terms of structure”, said John Lackner, president of Colbert Packaging Corporation.

Servo Technologies can make machines simpler

Apart from the above-mentioned approach, servo technology is another breakthrough that has made the engineering and design of cartoning machine simpler. “We know that the past method to build a cartoning machine is principally about mechanical design of transmission, which will lead to a machine of complex mechanical structure with mountains of screws, sprockets, chains and wheels to deal with.”, commented Zhiwei Bao, company owner of ÉLITER packaging machinery.

The use of servo motors has provided a different way to synchronize different functions of the machine without building complex transmission systems and relationships of gear ratios and mechanism of coordination.

¨Either our ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever, a packaging machine to pack trays of ready meals and yogurt cups in cardboard sleeves in a wrap around style, or the recently launched next-generation model, a continuous motion high-speed cartoner, called Crescendo Cartoner, is built on full servo driven structure.¨, said Bao.

Augmented Reality – Smarter Approach to Machine´s Control

CAMA Group, the Italian packaging machine manufacturer, applies Augmented Reality to their FW Wrap Around Cartoning Machine.

Annalisa Bellante, CEO at Cama Group comments that AR technology makes it unnecessary that operator needs to have professional knowledges around the cartoning machines.

¨The FW Wrap Around Cartoning Machine joined by AR technology is now simpler and easier-to-understand in terms of operation.¨, added Annalisa.

Technologies are Improving Cartoning Machines in all Aspects

More compact, higher speed, easier to operate, simpler in structure… these are the major advantages of the application of recent advanced technologies on cartoning machines. It is already a history that workers have to deal with mechanical parts such as chains, sprocket, screws which are grubby with oils and lubricates. Rather than using spanners, the cartoning machines nowadays are just a click away through a finger click.

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