Commercial Air Conditioning Companies

There are different types of commercial air conditioning companies in the market. These companies cater to the needs of business owners, big and small alike. Some companies specialize in cooling just one type of business. There are also companies that offer a full range of services to customers who need such services. Here is a list of some types of commercial air conditioning companies that you can find in your area.

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Air Conditioning Companies

Carrier Air Conditioning Systems. This company offers commercial AC systems for office buildings, warehouses, shops, hotels, industrial centers, shopping malls and office complexes. The company was started in 1948 and has been providing commercial AC services all over the United States. You can call Carrier Air Conditioning companies for AC installation, repair, servicing and maintenance.

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The systems they offer include the following:

Carrier Commercial AC System. This commercial air conditioning system is made up of three main components. It has the compressor, condenser, and expansion valve It has an automatic switch that makes the system turn on when it detects moisture in the air or temperature.

The manufacturer of this system is Energy Solutions Corporation and it is designed for industrial, commercial, and commercial-commercial use. The system is certified by the Department of Transportation, which means that it is safe and efficient. The system comes with an annual service and warranty.

HVAC Services. There are many companies that offer commercial air conditioning services. They can help you make the right choices when it comes to choosing a system. You can ask for an estimate and then make the decision on whether it is really necessary for your business. Some of these companies are: American Industrial Control, Inc., Atlanta HVAC, LLC, Boston Scientific, LLC, Brownie Co, CMS Industrial Inc., Conseco Commercial Air Conditioning, Inc., Comfort Zone Air Conditioning, Inc., Dallas HVAC, Energy Solutions Inc., Fort Worth, Frisco, G & A Ind., HVAC Services, Inc., Holben, I Controls, Inc., Humminbird, Inc., Jacks air, Inc., John Deere, Inc., KHS Inc., Kingrain, Ltd., Landau, Inc., Lincoln Industrial, Inc., Litton, Inc., Lynk Air Conditioning, Inc., Myair Conditioning, Inc., North American Intlns, Inc., Palisades, Inc., Premium Air conditioning, Inc., Questair, Inc., Raychem, Inc., S & H Inc., Sunbeam Airlines, Systems’ Inc., Thelens, Inc., Thermador Inc., Uniden, Inc., Valuation, Inc., Wells Fargo, Inc., World Wide Web, and Yahoo!

The above list is not exhaustive and may still be changed based upon your needs and budget constraints These companies may be able to provide you with commercial air conditioning services at affordable prices. For more details, just contact them directly.

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