Could Veillonella Be the Key to Reducing Obesity Levels?

Could Veillonella Be the Key to Reducing Obesity Levels? Recent studies have shown that the bacteria Veillonella can lower BMI levels. The bacteria are found in the mouth, stomach, and intestines and can be a potent means to combat obesity. It also has anti-inflammatory effects. In a study published in the journal Obesity, Veillonella was found to be associated with decreased levels of diabetes and obesity in mice.

Could Veillonella Be the Key to Reducing Obesity Levels?

In a study involving mice, the researchers isolated seven species of gut microbiota and compared them with those in a control group. Seven species of bacteria were found to be increased in the OVX group and decreased in the control mice. At the T3 time point, the OVX group had higher levels of seven species.

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These seven species were found to be significantly correlated with the level of weight gain in the OVX group. In the control group, a higher number of seven species was detected Buy Veillonella. This enriched the Entner-Doudoroff pathway and butyrate production.

The gut microbiota’s metabolic capacity is extremely important. The diversity of the gut microbiota is decreased in obese people. Obesity is associated with decreased microbial diversity, which can be reversed with weight loss interventions. Furthermore, decreased microbial diversity has been associated with low-grade inflammation and obesity. In the future, these two factors may be druggable.

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