Does Fencing Improve Property Value?

Fences add privacy, security and beauty to a home. However, they can also decrease property value.

Whether or not fencing improves your property’s value depends on many factors, including the type of fence you choose and how it is installed. Wood, wrought iron and extruded aluminum are some of the most popular choices.

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Fences are often used to protect children or pets, but they can also be used to increase a property’s value. The key is to choose the right fencing material and install it in a good location, according to HGTV Appraiser Expert Leslie Sellers.

The most effective fencing is a well-built, sturdy wrought iron or wood fence with classic style. This type of fence increases resale value because it’s attractive and easy to maintain.

In addition, buyers like to feel secure when buying a home, so having a strong fence is an important consideration for them.

In South Africa, security measures are highly valued and will impress potential buyers and add to your resale price. Security features include electronically operated gates, CCTV and electrical fencing.


A property that is protected by a privacy fence has a higher value than one that isn’t. This is because people will be happier living in a house that they can feel secure in, which is why fencing is an important feature to have in any home.

A privacy fence also enhances the overall look of a property. If the fence is made of wood, wrought iron, hedges, or other materials that compliment your home it can add to its aesthetic appeal.

Across the globe, many countries have adopted laws that protect privacy rights. This is in response to widespread concern over privacy violations and the use of surveillance technologies by governments and corporations. These invasions of privacy are a huge worry among people worldwide and often result in legal actions against governments and companies. These laws are necessary to protect citizens and their personal information from unsanctioned invasions of privacy. They are also essential for preserving civil liberties.


Fencing adds aesthetic value to a property, which can be significant when it comes time to sell. However, it is important to keep in mind that a fence system needs to function properly as well.

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that studies taste and beauty. This includes both nature and art, but aesthetics also covers how we form our judgments of these things.

Aesthetics is a field of study that encompasses many disciplines, including architecture, design, and crafts. Often, architects will use a combination of aesthetics in their designs to create aesthetically pleasing buildings and structures. Common aesthetic design principles include ornamentation, edge delineation, texture, flow, solemnity, symmetry, color, granularity, the interaction of sunlight and shadows, transcendence, and harmony.


Keeping a fence clean and in good repair will help it to stay looking great for years to come. This can help a property to look more pristine and attractive for tenants and buyers.

It can also increase the security of a property. If a fence is not in good condition, children and pets can easily get around or under it, which is an unsafe situation.

When deciding on maintenance measures, it is important to keep the overall costs in mind. Keeping fences in good condition will save a lot of money over the long run.

There are several different maintenance styles that can be used. These include time-based, predictive and condition-based.

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