Does Real Estate Pay Well UK?

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Does real estate pay well UK?

The answer to that question varies, depending on your qualifications, location and market conditions. But generally, estate agents earn a very good income in the UK.

How to get started

To become an estate agent in the UK you can start off by getting a job at an established firm, where other experienced sales negotiators’ll back you up. These companies often have an existing portfolio of clients that they can pass on to you.

You can also study for a professional qualification to boost your employability, such as an NVQ or degree in estate agency from NAEA Property Mark. This will ensure you have the right skills and knowledge to work at the top of your field.

Typical salaries for an estate agent vary widely, but in most cases, they’re made up of a basic salary plus commissions you earn on each sale. You’ll also need to pay tax on your earnings, including any commissions and bonuses, which Estate Agents Limehouse will calculate and deduct.

How to negotiate your salary

To make sure you’re paid the best possible rate, try negotiating your starting salary. It’s important to make sure that you’re maximizing the initial amount you’ll receive, as this will be your base salary for all future increases.

The average starting estate agent’s salary in the UK is PS22,100 gross a year, which can rise to PS90,000 or more for more senior roles. Salaries in London are typically higher, so an estate agent in that city could earn a higher income than their counterparts elsewhere.

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