Emerald Jewelry Symbol of Clarity

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of class to your outfit or want to show off your love, emerald jewelry is a great choice. Emerald Jewelry Symbol of Clarity This gemstone is the birthstone for May and has long been associated with love and clarity. Historically, emeralds have served as a symbol of love and clarity, and many jewelers would gaze at them to relieve their eyes before setting them in a necklace or ring.

Emerald Jewelry Symbol of Clarity

The size, color, and brilliance of emeralds determine their value. While the first lab-created stones were not very convincing, modern advances in consumer education and technology have made it possible to create emeralds that look almost natural. This makes it difficult to determine if an emerald is natural or man-made, but you can identify a fake by its inclusions. Traditionally, cedar-wood oil was used to fill fissures, but other types of resin or polymer can be used. Always ask for the gem laboratory certificate for a certified emerald.

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When cleaning emerald jewelry, avoid putting it in hot or cold water. These temperatures can damage the stone’s fillings. If you do have to soak your emerald Wholesale Silver Jewelry, use lukewarm water and soft soap. Make sure to remove it after a minute or two so that it won’t dry too quickly. Afterward, dry it with a soft microfiber cloth.

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