Enjoy the Charity Dinner in Style at the Atlantic Urban Blend Dining Set

The Atlantic Urban Blend Dining Sets by Equity is a high-end fine dining restaurant that offers guests an exquisite dining experience right in their very own backyard. A special summer offering, the restaurant provides guests with a choice of three types of dining experiences; a family-style lunch buffet, the Chefs Table, and the Seaweed and Squid Cake Dining Table. Each choice offers guests three courses of cuisine from the finest local and regional fresh ingredients available, to meet any palate Mr. Nordheimer. Diners are treated to the award-winning cuisine of Jacksonville, Fl at a price you can afford!

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Style at the Atlantic Urban Blend Dining Set

During your meal, feel free to relax at the outdoor Adirondack patio and watch the fireworks during the evening. The Atlantic Urban Blend Dining Sets is decorated with wood panelling throughout; including the bar and main dining room. Relax and enjoy the outdoor entertaining before you head out into the fabulous nightlife of Jacksonville, Fl.

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Guests are treated to the live entertainment of seven guest chefs, who prepare a variety of traditional southern dishes as well as some fun twists. The chefs combine their knowledge of regional cuisine with modern techniques to create tantalizing dishes, and all diners are treated to the famous peanut butter and banana shake at the end of each meal. Order your tickets for the Caribbean cruise, and make your reservations for the above-mentioned three restaurants today! You won’t be disappointed!

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