What’s the Difference Between My Experian Credit Score and Credit Karma Credit Score?

Generally, your Experian credit score and Credit Karma credit score should be within the same range. However, there are some minor differences.

Difference Between My Experian Credit Score and Credit Karma Credit Score

Using a third-party website to check your credit reports can also be a good idea. It’s important to remember that not every lender reports to all three credit bureaus’ mortgage broker chattanooga. You might also want to consider working with a credit repair company if you have a poor history with Experian.

Why is my Experian score higher than Credit Karma

Aside from providing free credit scores, Experian offers free services such as identity theft protection. These can be valuable if you’re in the market for a new credit card or personal loan. Likewise, Credit Karma offers a variety of tools to help you track your credit reports and improve your scores.

The Experian FICO Score is the official name for the credit score most lenders use. The Experian FICO Score 9 is twenty points higher than the Equifax VantageScore.

Credit Karma’s credit scoring model is not as comprehensive as the Experian FICO Score. Credit Karma’s score is more likely to be an educational gimmick than an official score.

Credit Karma’s credit scoring system uses a VantageScore 3.0 model. The model uses information culled from both Equifax and TransUnion. This is the first time the company has offered this type of score.

The Credit Karma site also includes a credit monitoring system, credit-card offers, educational articles and financial articles. The Credit Karma site also earns its revenue from advertisements. However, this may limit the services offered.

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