Gods and Goddesses in Smite

In Smite, the ranked ladder is divided into five divisions and one Grandmasters Tier. Each Split lasts several weeks and players earn rewards for their placement.

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Smite is a third-person MOBA game with a large eSports following and million-dollar prize pools. It features a variety of gods and goddesses from mythology, a unique gameplay style, and a third-person perspective.

Tier A gods are very strong in their specific roles. They are almost always first picks in their respective positions and can win games with ease tier list smite. However, they require more skill or coordination than S-tier gods to be effective. They also have a high chance of getting nerfed or changed in the future.

For example, a player might find success playing the A-tier warrior Pele because of her high damage potential and crowd control abilities. But, this doesn’t mean she is easy to learn or play effectively. She still needs a lot of practice and mastery to be good at her role.


Some of the gods in this tier are overpowered but they demand a very high level of skill to play effectively. They can help you to climb the rank quickly if your team composition is well-tailored and you understand how to use them for their niche roles.

For example, Cupid is an incredibly powerful ADC. His CC is easy to apply and gets stronger the more stacks of mesmerize he has. This means he can stop even the most skilled ADCs from getting in range to take down their enemies.

Moreover, Camazotz can screech to create a sound wave that deals damage to enemies caught inside it. He can also summon a giant earthquake to destroy his enemy. Hence, he is considered as one of the most fun and interesting gods to play in the game.


Tier C gods are decent but they can be countered and don’t have the same amount of insta-win potential as the S tier gods. Despite this they are still godly picks and will do well in the hands of experienced players.

Tier SS gods are incredibly overpowered and steamroll everything in their way. These gods are rarely banned and even new players can win games with them if they understand how to play them correctly.

Tier A gods are great picks and can easily win games in the hands of a good player. They have the potential to become S tier in the right hands and can be picked for competitive play as long as they aren’t overpowered. A few examples include Camazotz who can create a sound wave to damage enemies and Tanuki Trickery who can taunt and body block.


A god that needs a lot of skill and coordination to play well in Smite. He dishes out damage, has some mobility, and can confirm kills rather effectively with his tier 2 ult.

He has a kit that is built around setting up multiple damage bursts while slowing enemies down. He also has a few ways to escape from bad situations with his alluring spirits, a taunt, and slipperiness.

Ullr is a god that can suck in the hands of a new player, but in the hands of a skilled one, he’s a surprisingly good hunter. He can dish out lots of damage and steal defensive stats with Divine Judgement. He can also stun his prey with a powerful combo of abilities. He’s a great pick for both organized team and solo queue games.


Despite her low win-ratio, Sun Wukong has the potential to be an S Tier god. Using the right build and mastering her combos, Sun can be a deadly ADC in Smite.


Ao Kuang is a decent jungler that has a solid clear and can help the backline carries get some gold early on in the game. He can also gank the lane with ease thanks to his teleport and knock-up abilities.

Scylla is a popular god that has been dominating the mid lane this Season. She deals a lot of damage and has good CC. She also has a great teleport that can be used to escape ganks in the laning phase or dive into a teamfight. She is an excellent choice for players looking to pick a new god.

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