How Do I Get a Concrete License in Florida?

To get a concrete license in Florida, you need to meet a variety of requirements. These include gaining work experience, passing the exam, and submitting various personal and financial documents.

A surety bond is also required and acts as a financial guarantee between the state and your business. It costs a small amount, but it can be costly for applicants with less-than-stable finances.

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Licensing Requirements

If you’re interested in getting a concrete license, the first step is determining what qualifications are required for concrete driveway installation. These generally include age, education, and experience. You may also need to provide financial statements and a criminal background check.

Depending on your license category, you may need to take an exam. You can learn more about these requirements on the Construction Industry Licensing Board website.

Another option is to get a formal apprenticeship. These take about 3-4 years to complete and involve classroom and hands-on training.

How do I get a concrete license in Florida

To be a licensed contractor in Florida, you need to have a four-year construction-related degree from an accredited college. You can also gain experience by working for a contractor for four years before applying for your own license.

Experience Requirements

In Florida, you need to have a minimum of four years of experience in the trade that you are applying for before attempting to get a concrete license. This experience can be achieved in several ways, including with a combination of education and experience (up to three years of education can substitute for one year of experience), or by working for a licensed contractor.

A contractor must also prove financial stability through personal and business credit score verification. In addition, he or she must have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage in Florida.

The requirements for obtaining a general contractor license vary depending on the type of construction you are doing. For instance, a building contractor must have at least four years of experience in commercial construction. If you are a residential contractor, you must have at least one year of experience as a supervisor and be able to demonstrate that your work includes foundations and slabs over 20,000 square feet.

Exam Requirements

If you’re interested in getting a concrete license in Florida, you’ll need to pass an exam. You’ll also need to have at least four years of experience working in the industry and have proof of insurance coverage.

The exam for a contractor’s license is open-book and covers knowledge of contracting, construction, business administration and law. You’ll need to score at least 70% on it to qualify for a license.

You’ll also need to provide proof of experience by submitting letters from employers and W-2 tax documents covering your employment period. The number of years you need to have will vary by license.

To help you prepare for the concrete licensing exam, you’ll need to buy some reference books that cover Florida building codes and other regulations. These books will help you get the most out of the test and will increase your chances of passing the first time.


If you’re applying for a concrete license in Florida, you will need to pay an application fee and exam fees. The cost of these can vary slightly depending on whether you’re applying for a certified or registered license.

You should also make sure you get general liability insurance to cover property damage and bodily injury. This will protect you in the event that an accident happens on your job site or at a client’s property.

Before you can get your contractor’s license in Florida, you need to pass the exam and meet the required experience and net income requirements. This will demonstrate to the Construction Industry Licensing Board that you are a responsible and stable business entity.

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