How Much Does a Burglar Alarm Cost UK?

How Much Does a Burglar Alarm Cost UK? Getting a burglar alarm installed is a wise move, especially as there are a number of costs to consider. A burglary can cost you in terms of financial losses, as well as the mental trauma and loss of productivity – it can even affect your quality of life.

The initial installation cost of a burglar alarm can vary depending on the type and number of sensors you need. The most common is the bells-only wireless sensor, which costs around PS500 – PS525 +VAT for a professional to install.

How Much Does a Burglar Alarm Cost UK?

If you want a more comprehensive system, you can opt for a dialler/monitored security alarm. This will alert you via a landline or mobile phone, and will also send text messages to up to ten people on your list.

There are many benefits to installing a security alarm, including deterring break-ins before they happen and helping protect you against the theft of valuables. It’s also a good idea to have the option of calling an emergency service Fire Alarms Essex or even nominating someone else in case you can’t be home – this will give you peace of mind.

There are a few things to consider when choosing an alarm, such as its NSI accreditation and whether it offers police-calling the Miami home automation company. These will both affect the initial cost of your burglar alarm, but they should help cut down on false alarms and ensure that police resources are not wasted on unfounded calls.

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