How Much Is Shutter Maintenance?

Shutters can cost anywhere from $250 to over $3,000. Generally, repairs are cheaper than new installation.

The average shutter repair is between $132 and $399, but it can be higher or lower depending on the type of material. Wood and metal shutters tend to be easier to repair than vinyl or composite panels.

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How Much Is Shutter Maintenance?


Every three months, clean your shutters using water and a mild soap solution to remove dirt and dust that can build up in the ventilation holes and tracks Shutter Repairs Birmingham. This will keep your roller shutters working smoothly and prevent them from getting stuck.

Louver Pins:

If your louvers stop moving, you should have the pins replaced by a professional. The wrong pins can make the louvers stuck, and a pro will be able to get them in place correctly the first time.


Some shutters require a light layer of grease or lubricating oil to operate properly. However, some are self-lubricating so lubrication isn’t necessary.


A well-maintained shutter can help reduce energy costs, keeping your home warm in the winter and reducing cooling bills during the summer. Regular maintenance can also prevent cracks and gaps, preventing leaks and ensuring your building is properly insulated.

Hurricane Shutters:

If you live in an area with tropical storms, hurricane shutters are a must. They provide protection for windows from hurricane-force winds that can destroy your possessions.

It’s important to have hurricane shutters installed by a reputable company that can handle all aspects of the process from measurement and installation to testing for safety. They will take care of all the wiring and electrical components to ensure your shutters work safely during storms.

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