How To Compare Ceramic Capacitor Discharge Tests

When you do a Capacitor Discharge (CD) comparison between different types of dielectric materials then it is important that you consider the difference between high voltage ceramic disc capacitors. A Capacitor is an electronic component with a conductor that is similar to a capacitor, but instead of a liquid such as a Capacitor, it uses a metal such as iron or steel as the conductor. An electrical charge is applied to the surface area of the metal conductor and as it charges the metal begins to draw away from the current, thus creating a small amount of electric field across the entire area of the metal conductor, also known as a capacitance. In addition to this, a small amount of current will be drawn between the positive and negative terminals of the wire, which will cause an electric current in the form of a magnetic field.

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Compare Ceramic Capacitor Discharge Tests

As you can see by now, there are several differences between a Capacitor, one of which is dissipation. A Capacitor does not have a liquid that allows it to draw away heat energy and become hot, and therefore it cannot dissipate heat as much as a Capacitor. Due to this dissipation factor, Capacitors are often placed closer to the input terminals of a circuit, and the area between the two terminals of a Capacitor is often larger than that of a Capacitor allowing for more dissipation of heat energy. In this dissipation setting, a Capacitor will often have smaller dissipation characteristics than a Capacitor, and this is where they will begin to perform a function known as ‘DC Current Absorption’ or AC Absorption.

Many Capacitor Discharge Tester tools allow you to compare dissipation in different materials, and if you want a real-time Capacitor Discharge Comparison, you should be sure to use one that allows you to compare multiple substances at once. The best tools will allow you to compare several different metals including Leadbesalt, Zinc Oxide, Tin Plate, and Copper Plate.

Final Words

In order to give you an idea of how well a metal is able to absorb current, a good tool to compare is a Tester that can give you the results of dissipation in minutes, and measure things in micrometer increments. If you are looking to buy a good Capacitor Discharge Tester, you should be able to find them online easily from many different retailers that offer these types of products.

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