How to Find an L & C Mortgage Broker Address

How to find an L & C mortgage broker is easy when you have a list of things to look for. First, you want to identify if the L & C mortgage broker you are interested in is licensed with the secretary of state of your particular state. You can do this easily by contacting your local division of the business affairs department to determine if they are licensed or not Mortgage Broker Lisburn. A license is an evidence to the secretary of state that the broker has completed all necessary and required training and has met all state regulations. It also shows that they are serious about their work.

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L & C Mortgage Broker Address

Next, check to see if the broker’s address corresponds to the mortgage broker’s street address. If so, then your broker is indeed using his/her own street address to do business. If the broker is using a post office box, then you know that he/she is using an out-of-state address, which could be either a PO Box or a leasing location. Brokers who use personal addresses usually do not have any other businesses, therefore there is very little to be found at the address other than a home or garage.

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Finally, check to see if the company you are interested in using has any current or former clients. An experienced and professional broker will have multiple clients listed on a website and should also list them in their bio-section, which should be readily accessible from their home page. If you find nothing else, then you know you have found yourself a l&a mortgage broker with whom you can do business!

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