How to Pull a Hard Wax

The first step in applying a hard wax is to build a “bulb” around the spatula. The bulb should be the right size for the area you’re waxing. The spatula should pick up a small to medium amount of wax, without dripping.

How to Pull a Hard Wax

The next step in applying Hard Wax is to create a lip at the end of the strip. This will prevent the strip from breaking into several pieces when it comes time to pull it off. If the lip is too thin, it won’t have enough suction to lift the strip.

How do you pull a hard wax

After the wax is applied, it’s important to care for the skin Hard Wax. If the skin is oily or dehydrated, it will make the wax more difficult to pull from the skin. This can cause uneven moments and lead to hair breakage. It can also cause intense irritation. To avoid such situations, be sure to choose the right wax formula for your client’s skin type.

Before pulling the hard wax, you should hold the lip between your thumb and forefinger and keep the skin taut next to the wax layer. Then, use your other hand to pull the wax off against the direction of hair growth. Keeping the lip in place will minimize the discomfort for your client.

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