Is it Cheaper to Paint Or Replace Shutters?

If you have shutters, they may be an architectural feature that helps to define your home. Unfortunately, their appearance can change quickly over time as they wear and tear from the elements, but there are many ways to revitalize them with new paint and keep them looking great.

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Is it Cheaper to Paint Or Replace Shutters?

The cost of painting your shutters depends on several factors, including the materials they are made of, how many you have, and the style you want them to be painted in. Some painters charge an hourly rate while others offer a per-shutter price, ranging from $25 to $100.


Before you can paint, your painters need to take care of any damage or mold remediation. This includes cleaning the shutters, sanding, and priming Shutter Repairs London. This process is essential to getting the best results from the paint.

Exterior vinyl and plastic shutters should be painted with a paint that is specifically designed for this type of material. It will adhere to these surfaces better and reduce the risk of peeling or cracking.

To prepare for painting your shutters, use a pressure washer to remove loose paint and drooping layers. Next, sand the old paint with 120-grit to 150-grit sandpaper. This will make the surface smooth and help to blunt the gloss of the previous coat, allowing your new paint to stick to it seamlessly. Finally, clean the shutters with a TSP spray cleaner or other exterior cleaner to eliminate any dust or scrapings left behind by previous paint applications.

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