Is Water Sommelier a Thing?

Is Water Sommelier a Thing? The word sommelier is often used to describe someone who serves wine, but it can also be applied to other beverages like tea and water. As the name suggests, sommeliers are experts on different drinks and how they taste. They often have a lot of certification and training, so they can differentiate between different wines, recommend food pairings and tell when a bottle has gone bad.

Is Water Sommelier a Thing?

In fact, there is a new wave of professionals making a living out of tasting water. They can tell you whether mineral-rich water has a high concentration of electrolytes and which types will pair best with certain dishes.

They can even identify a brand without looking at the label. They make a very lucrative career out of this new field and have an extensive network of clients, including restaurants, beverage companies, and events like trade shows. Find more information

Martin Riese, the world’s most famous water sommelier, made it his life’s work to educate people about the myriad flavors of tap water available in Europe, and the United States. His knowledge of water is considered extraordinary, and he was granted an O-1 visa for Extraordinary Ability in 2011, so he could live in America as a professional sommelier.

He grew up in Germany and, from an early age, would go on family vacations and comment on how differently each city’s tap water tasted from one another. That’s when he realized that there was more to drinking water than just water.

After years of study, he wrote a book about water called The World of Water and became a noted water expert in Germany. He then travelled to California, where he has since become the first water sommelier in the country and has created water menus for restaurants around the globe.

In this MEL Films video, sommelier Martin Riese talks to us about his career and why he chose to get certified as a water sommelier. He shares his story of how he came to be a water connoisseur, and discusses the importance of access to clean water for all.

It’s not exactly a new phenomenon, but it’s certainly getting more and more attention in the United States. With a growing number of Americans who are fascinated with water, it seems like there’s an opportunity for a new generation of sommeliers to make a name for themselves as experts on the beverage. They’re not alone – there are actually dedicated water sommelier schools in Germany and several other countries that train enthusiasts to be specialists on the subject.

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