Landscaping Around Swimming Pools

Landscaping Around Swimming Pools If you’re planning on installing an above-ground swimming pool, landscaping around your above-ground pool is a great way to make the area look nice and inviting. The deck takes up about one-third of the space, but you can still make the ground around it attractive. To create a natural privacy fence, plant an evergreen shrub. Annual flowers will bring color to your landscape in summer, and they can also act as a natural privacy fence.

Landscaping Around Swimming Pools

When planning your Surprise AZ Landscaping around an above-ground pool, consider its purpose. Are you attempting to cover the pool, or are you looking for a natural look? If so, choose foliage or shrubs that won’t drop into the pool. Also, choose plants with soft leaves, as they are less likely to prickle swimmers and attract pollinators. A simple wooden deck around the pool is an excellent landscaping idea, while a concrete pad is an attractive option for those who prefer a more natural look.

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If you aren’t sure how to landscape around above-ground pools, consider removing any grass that’s growing near the pool area. While you may think it’s necessary to keep the surrounding area clean, weeds and moss will grow in the vicinity of the pool. Also, make sure you don’t mow too close to the wall. You may even end up damaging the pool. So, make sure that you plan ahead and make sure your landscaping around above-ground pools matches the rest of your landscape.

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