Lasik Surgery Recovery Time – A Basic Guide

LASIK or laser eye surgery, also commonly known as laser vision correction or refractive eye surgery, is a relatively simple form of cosmetic surgery for the correction of astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia. The results are effective, safe, reliable, and convenient It is an excellent choice for those who would like to change their eye color, have lazy eyes, farsightedness, or any other vision problem.

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Lasik Surgery Recovery Time

As with any type of procedure, a patient should expect some recovery time and possibly a day or two off of work during the first few days after the procedure. Most people return to normal activities around two weeks after the procedure, although it is rare for vision issues to cause serious problems after that time. If you experience side effects such as excessive dryness of the eye, redness, itching, or discomfort, you should contact your doctor right away. You may wish to use reading glasses to help you see at night while your eyes heal.

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After laser surgery, you will need to stay in an office or home to follow the post-operative instructions given by your doctor. Most people are able to return to work in two to four days, but you may experience a little discomfort for a couple of days, as your eyes heal. You will not be able to drive or operate any machinery immediately after the procedure, so you should plan on wearing reading glasses or contacts during this period. You may feel some pressure or a slight stinging sensation near the eyes or at the corner of your eye when you sleep, but these are generally mild and should go away quickly.

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