Lasik Surgery Risks and Concerns

If you are tired of using contact lenses or glasses, you might wonder if LASIK eye surgery is for you. LASIK is actually a form of refractive keratectomy surgery lasik treatment cost in india. In short, it involves the use of a laser to reshape the cornea. In most cases, patients who have undergone LASIK eye surgery also achieve better visual clarity than those who do not. However, as with any surgical procedure, there are always some Lasik surgery risks and concerns that you should be made aware of.

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Lasik Surgery Risks

One of the main concerns with regard to Lasik surgery is that the patient might experience dry eyes after the procedure. Some patients notice an immediate drying effect on the eyes but this effect usually goes away within a few minutes. For some patients, the effects of Lasik surgery can last for several days or even weeks, so if you notice that your eyes are dry and you’ve had a Lasik procedure, contact your doctor immediately to discuss the matter further.

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Dry eyes or halos in the eyes are common Lasik surgery concerns that are experienced by some patients. The reason for this is that the patient’s cornea curves might be too irregular to allow for easy contact lens wear. In fact, the irregularities in the cornea curves might cause distant vision to be negatively affected when the patient wears contacts. This is why the majority of surgeons strongly recommend that prospective lasik patients either wear glasses or stop using them. This ensures that the patient will not be negatively affected by laser surgery and can still have good distance vision without glasses.

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