Medicare Plan N Coverage – Important Facts

Medicare Plan N is provided by the first choice of Medicare beneficiaries. It provides emergency coverage only, it does not cover the outpatient care provided by a physician and it does not cover other inpatient hospital stays. As compared to Part B Medicare, this plan is less expensive for most seniors who are covered under the original Medicare program. Medicare Plan N is also known as Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Medicare Plan N Coverage

Medicare Plan N is one of two indemnity policies that pays the balance of your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage if you become disabled or unable to work. This policy is mandatory in some cases and supplemental insurance benefits may be required to continue coverage. Medicare Plan N is available to individuals eligible for Medicare. Medicare Plan N coverage is automatically applied when you make your initial enrollment in Medicare.

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Medicare Plan N is sold by private insurance companies and is not managed by the Medicare program. Plans N is not approved for all areas of the country Medicare Plan N premiums. Medicare Plan N coverage is not guaranteed. There are some areas in which Medicare Supplement Insurance may be recommended instead of Plan N.

Medicare Plan N may be purchased from an agent or through an independent broker. Independent agents are not associated with Medicare. They are not associated with Medicare Part A or Part B. These independent brokers work on their own. There are some restrictions in choosing an independent broker to purchase Medicare Plan N coverage.

Medicare Plan N is intended for the senior citizen population. Seniors that are eligible for Medicare but are not enrolled can buy Parts A and B separately. Seniors that are enrolled but are not yet eligible for Medicare can choose a different plan that offers Medicare Supplement Insurance. Medicare Plan N is not a part of these plans.

Medicare Plan N coverage is mandatory during the first 12 months of eligibility. You must also purchase Medicare Part A and Part B as a secondary insurance. Medicare supplement insurance will increase your monthly out of pocket expenses.

It is recommended that you do not select a plan unless you understand all the facts and what each plan offers. Medicare does not pay for outpatient visits. They do cover some inpatient hospital stays. Plans differ regarding the hospitals they cover. You should also consider the co-payments and coinsurance for each service. Some plans have renewal provisions that you should read carefully.

Medicare Plan N allows you to choose from three basic policies. The coverage options are based on the assumption that you will stay in your home for the majority of your time. If you are living in a hotel or other residential facility, the plan may provide coverage for stay-in-home care. Medicare does not cover long-term stay facilities such as nursing homes.

Medicare plan and may be available to you through an employer, health maintenance organization, or government agency. You should carefully review all the details of the plans and consider all factors before selecting a coverage plan. Medicare is a secure and effective program, but only you can decide how much of the future income you wish to invest in the program.

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