New Moon in Aries For New Beginnings & Chiron Enters Pisces and Facilitates Healing

Ahead of the New Moon we encounter the darkest night of this month and with it the finish of a single emotional circle of feeling our way through life Galaxy Lamp Australia. Watching the Moon slip through the entire zodiac in the duration of one month is a means to be self-conscious and in tune together, our needs and the emotions that often sit in the driver’s seat with no understanding.

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We are very much in tune with all the stars and during our pineal gland we are influenced by the light of the waxing and waning Moon phases. On the physical level our sexual energy, the processes of aging in addition to our sleep are regulated by this gland. I have read it described as the”cosmic GPS, locating our consciousness in space and time.”

Together with the newest light coming in with all the New Moon each month, we are guaranteed a new start. I love new beginnings! I love my mornings the best once I wake up unencumbered yet by the prior day and its problems, fresh energy at my disposal, new thoughts popping in my mind while I am having my tea, beginning my day. I have an original day right in front of me and the prospect of anything.

This New Moon is special because she’s the first New Moon in the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries. This is the beginning of the development and unfolding of this astrological wheel and Aries guarantees a new start with spring time energy budding, life force expanding, fire shared and innocent spontaneity given. With the Sun nevertheless in Aries but getting ready to leave for Taurus, Aries energy will be over with the end of the week.

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New Moon Square to January 15 Solar Eclipse

A square is obviously a challenge. We must manage some friction between the two principles involved and we are requested to confront some decisions and potential alterations.

The New Moon square to the solar eclipse that occurred in January in 25 degrees Capricorn, invites us to confront challenges with courage (Aries) and implement and own our own energy and strength. It is interesting to return three months to the time of this eclipse and see what you have faced at the time in your own life and where it’s brought you.

Where do you need a leap of face at the moment in your lifetime?
Where do you want to have guts and step up to attain your most cherished dreams and hopes?

What is inspirational for you now on your life?

For me personally I am still in the process of cleaning and healing my body, the temple of my spirit. I embarked on this journey in the beginning of the year. I made deep changes in my diet, for example I am not placing any processed foods in my mouth. No sodas, no chips no nothing. . .you get used to it after you figured out it, it is actually quiet easy and fast. Both make me feel so great and that counts.

I had been motivated to embark in my healing journey because of many health problems. Pain seems to be an excellent motivation for all of us to move into new territory. We had numerous planets in Pisces at the start of this season which I appeared to be guided into detoxification and healing on many levels of my entire life.

While Chiron was remaining in Aquarius we were gifted with outrageously new technology to be used in our recovery procedure. Far Infra Red Saunas, cold lasers, crystal blankets and many new era technologies are offered for home use and can make a large difference to you whether you are suffering.

I discovered a couple of decades back on a seminar about the newest research in mathematics where they experiment with computer build organs increased from DNA for organ replacements. We are truly living in amazing times.

And today with Chiron moving into Pisces on April 19, he will be joining Jupiter and Uranus in this sign. Chiron, the international healer brings in a new frequency for people to accommodate and utilize. The last time Chiron moved through Pisces was 1960-69 using a complete generation breaking with convention, demonstrating for peace in Vietnam and civil rights, and starting their familiarity with mind-altering medication.

“Make Love – not War” was spearheading the yearning for a more human approach to life and has been feed from the inherent dimension of oneness in the understanding of everything is. Pisces in his greatest expression is all about oneness, unconditional love, and the transcendence of the physical, reaching for our nonphysical source and God.

Final Words

Medicines also belong to Pisces, as a therapeutic remedy in addition to poisonous and toxic substances. My expectation with this round of Chiron via Pisces is that we’ll be rethinking our whole approach to disease and illness.

It’s obvious that today most doctors are not trained to search for potential causes of illnesses based on toxicity and nutrient deficiencies but in prescribing drugs to deal with symptoms. The prescribed medications together with all their side effects are adding to the toxic burden we’re already enduring and this can just be a short-term and very short-sighted solution.

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