Polyaspartic Flooring – A New Construction Industry Standard

Polyaspartic is an ultra high-solids, extremely fast drying polyurethane coating product specifically designed for use on concrete floors and a huge array of other floor coverings including marble, granite, and other surfaces. 5097 Polyaspartic concrete is 97% water-soluble, 3% epoxy resin-based printable topcoat products and allows full film thickness to develop over conventional water-clear coating and virtually smooth surface…

Polyaspartic Flooring

This revolutionary floor coating system is highly valued for its industry-leading capabilities and features industry-leading water solute mixing temperatures, dry times, which are half the time that are employed by conventional water clear coat products, as well as unlimited color possibilities. It can also be used on most newly fabricated floor surfaces and has a nearly unlimited number of applications.

Hardwood, Wood, Oak, Lumber, Backdrop

Unlike conventional epoxy-based flooring systems that can be either hard or soft, polyaspartic flooring provides a hard and very soft clear top coat that is impervious to moisture and is extremely wear-resistant Polyaspartic flooring. It is the unique physical properties of this revolutionary dry coating product that make it superior to other flooring products such as epoxy and melamine and is capable of providing a durable, clean, clear topcoat even under heavy use and abuse such as heavy traffic, hot oil spills and more.

Its ability to remain rigid under heavy usage also makes it ideal for application in areas where traditional flooring systems are not suited for such as outdoor pathways, parking lots, garages, and more. Polyaspartic also provides an extraordinary water resistance when properly sealed with a silicone sealer which further extends its durability and weather resistance.

With its innovative clear topcoat, polyureaspartan floor systems have the ability to resist oil stains and grease from setting in after heavy use and abuse. Due to its unique properties, polyureaspar is often referred to as polyurea coatings, epoxy garage flooring, or clear coat polyureas. While polyureaspartan epoxy garage flooring systems do require a thick clear top coat to prevent moisture buildup and staining, they are capable of withstanding up to 1500 psi water pressure without staining.

The extensive variety of polyureaspar coatings available on the market today continues to widen its appeal and allow it to be used in a variety of new building applications. And because polyureaspar coatings are clear, water-resistant and able to withstand extreme weather conditions and elements polyureaspar has now become a popular choice for new building developments.

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