Protect Your Home From Damp

Excess moisture in your home can lead to mold growth. Keep doors closed in the bathroom and kitchen to prevent the moisture from spreading. Tumble dryers and washing machines should be vented properly to avoid mold. Also, be sure to open windows during the day to allow for proper air circulation. If you have a damp problem, consider getting professional help. However, if you don’t have the time to hire a professional, following these simple tips can help protect your home from mold.

Protect Your Home From Damp

The first step to take to protect your home from dampness and mold is to properly clean articles of clothing. Don’t leave laundry starch in fabrics for storing. Starch feeds molds. Airing out closets is an easy way to prevent the growth of mold. Fabric articles should be dried quickly. Dry dishcloths and shower curtains before placing them away. If possible, try to air out closets on warm, dry days.

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Another effective way to prevent mold in your home is to keep temperatures under 70 degrees. However, keeping your house at that temperature is not always practical Plan-it Gardens & Driveways Liverpool. So, experts recommend using a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers come with automatic sensors that detect when the humidity in your home reaches a certain level. These machines can detect the exact level of humidity and switch on automatically when necessary. However, installing vents in windows is not a reliable way to prevent mold in your home, and opening windows is impractical during winter.

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