Repairing Cracks in Concrete

Although this may sound like a tough project in fact it’s not quite as difficult as it might sound concrete contractors pittsburgh. If the cracks are small you can repair them but if they are big or are at the foundation of a building such as your house you ought to hire concrete contractors to do the repairs. They will also check to see whether there is any structural damage that also needs repairing.

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These cracks can appear on your sidewalks, patios, and driveways. They are even able to appear around the home’s foundation concrete contractors fort worth. These cracks may be caused by weather conditions and root development.

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Repairing Cracks in Concrete Review

The most typical cause is standing water, which can happen when the water does not drain properly. This water will work its ways between segments of concrete that are feeble and as a result a crack will appear. To prevent the fracture from reoccurring make sure the water drains correctly.

If the cracks are around three millimeters wide it is possible to fix them yourself. You are going to begin by cleaning out the cracks of any debris and then use a screwdriver to chip off any loose concrete or flakes. Using a wire brush, scour the cracks to remove any dirt and wash the area with the hose.

To fill in the cracks it is possible to use either concrete caulk or a concrete patching compound. If the cracks are a bit bigger than three millimeters you can add a small amount of sand in the cracks before you apply the patching compound.

When using the procedure with sand packing you want to be certain that the concrete patching compound has a latex additive to give it versatility. Immediately smooth the surface and then feather the new place in the existing borders to give it a more final look.

In the event you decide to use the concrete caulking method you need to use siliconized latex concrete caulk. To induce the caulk deep into the cracks you’ll need to use a caulking gun. Be certain that the concrete caulk is deep to the width and length of the crack.


It does not need to be too heavy as it will enlarge to fill in the crack. Because of the character of this type of concrete caulking it permits for the regeneration and expansion of the concrete during weather changes so you won’t need to perform as many repairs later on. You won’t have to smooth it out since it will self-level. With slightly larger cracks you may need apply it multiple times.

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