Salary Net Consultant En Strategy

Salaries for consultants in strategy/organization vary according to experience, sector, location, age, and the number of years of experience. You can find out more about the salary of a consultant in strategy by reading salary comparisons of the most senior managers.

Salary Net Consultant

A good starting salary for a strategy consultant is between 3167 and 667 euros but per month. This position is considered to be the highest-paying consulting position in France.

A consultant’s remuneration depends on how high his or her work is rewarded. Some firms set a minimum salary of two to three million euros and then offer bonuses based on that Xam | .NET developers. Other firms set a higher salary for their senior executives.

You can find more information about salary in France by reading the following articles. The first one will give you an overview of the salary expectations of consultants in France. The second section will focus on salaries. The salary for a consultant in banking is more or less similar to that of a strategy consultant.

However, salaries in strategy cabinets can be substantially higher than those in investment banks. In addition, consulting firms offer higher salaries than their counterparts in investment banks. Depending on the area of expertise, a salary in banking could range from one to three times the salary of a strategy consultant.

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