Sovereign Damp Proofing & Construction

Sovereign Damp Proofing & Construction is a well-known name in chemical products and is a recognized leader in chemical damp-coursing in the UK. The company’s accredited contractors use a wide range of building products with the full backing of Sovereign’s technical service and guarantee. Both companies can guarantee their work for up to 20 years. The Sovereign brand is accredited and fully approved by the BBA.

Sovereign Damp Proofing

Using a damp-proof course will help you avoid the rising damp problem that occurs when excess moisture seeps into walls. Excess moisture rises from the ground, affecting plaster and decoration. If not prevented, the dampness may lead to wet rot and dry rot. With these damp proofing solutions, you can breathe easily and enjoy your new property without the risk of rising damp. If you suspect a rising damp problem, contact a professional to arrange a free quote today.

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A nationwide damp proofing company based in Derby claims to be Sovereign Approved, but in fact, the company is run by ex-directors of The Damp Detectors Ltd, a company fined for selling damp proof injection treatments in walls that did not have rising-damp problems damp proofing company. A BBC Watchdog program exposed a damp-proofing specialist in the Midlands. The company quoted PS1200 for a damp-proof injection to a house that didn’t have a problem.

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