The Job Description Of A Close Protection Bodyguard UK

It is a widely held misconception that a close protection officer in the UK or anywhere else in the world has to be on steroids or very muscular. This is absolutely not the case as there are many close protection officers in the UK who are average looking and slim. If you were to do a survey of security guards in the UK, you would find that many of them are average looking, average muscular men. They just have to put on the uniform and take the orders of their seniors. In order to become a close protection bodyguard in the UK or anywhere else in the world you need to have a certain number of courses completed and also obtain a bodyguard driving license. These licenses are normally easy to get and can often be done online.

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Close Protection Bodyguard UK

A close protection bodyguard’s salary is usually between twenty and thirty thousand pounds a year depending on the number of years you have been working private security hire London. Usually, the companies hire bodyguards for a number of purposes to pay a higher than average salary. However, this is not always the case as it is down to the contract you sign with them. If you have worked for a company for years and are getting a higher salary they most likely are doing so because you are a good shot and they feel safe having you close by at all times.

Final Words

The actual job description of a close protection officer in the UK is quite interesting. The role involves close physical contact with suspects and the general public. Bodyguards are usually the best of both worlds as they have the flexibility of time off and days off work. You will also have to undergo training and complete a course that lasts two weeks. Many companies in the UK like G4 believe that the training provided is adequate for the job and only requires refreshers when necessary. It is a solid career and one that is suitable for those that have a family as well as those that want to have a little bit of extra security around them.

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