The Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Betty White lived to be 99 years old. She embraced life and made the most of every year. She passed away just weeks shy of her 100th birthday on Dec. 31, 2021. Here are some of her best tips to live life to the fullest. Count your blessings, laugh often, and serve others. All of these practices have been proven to boost your well-being and longevity.

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Count your blessings

“Count your blessings” is a popular phrase that has remained popular throughout history. It reminds us to focus on the good things in life and to notice the beauty that surrounds us. A popular example is a quote “Count Your Blessings” by Mary Davis. It explains the meaning behind this famous saying: “Count your blessings when you see a beautiful flower, a tree, a rainbow, a bird.”

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Counting your blessings helps people stay optimistic in difficult situations. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, people tend to feel better about themselves and their lives gift for someone who lost a dog. A pessimist tends to think negatively and expect nothing to go right. Counting one’s blessings and appreciating them at the moment can make life easier to deal with. People are attracted to positive people and enjoy spending time with them.


A recent study found that laughter improves our emotional well-being and promotes longevity in couples. Psychologists observed 71 couples discussing how they met and found that their level of laughter positively correlated with closeness, quality, and social support. This is because laughter conveys that two people are part of something bigger than themselves and improves the bonds between them. Furthermore, laughter is contagious and releases feel-good hormones that refresh the mind and boost our overall mental wellness.

Researchers have been studying the healing benefits of laughter for many years. However, scientists have not formally recognized its therapeutic effect until 1979, when Dr. Norman Cousins first described its positive effects in As Anatomy of an Illness. Since then, laughter has gained a new level of importance in scientific research, both in popular culture and in clinical settings. Today, the field of psychoneuroimmunology is investigating the impact of laughter on the brain and body.


The practice of gratitude has numerous benefits. It can boost our self-esteem and confidence, as well as make us more effective in life. According to research, gratitude can even help people who have experienced trauma. The practice of gratitude can help them recover, process, and move on from their experience. Moreover, it strengthens our bonds with others and can lead to the development of social bonds. So, how can gratitude help us live a long and happy life?

Research shows that practicing gratitude increases lifespan. It also reduces the negative effects of stress and boosts positive emotions. It has been shown that people who practice gratitude are more resilient, adaptable, and have more positive emotions than those who do not. These are all positive characteristics that help people live a long and happy life. People who practice gratitude also experience fewer negative physical symptoms, have better sleep and improve their overall health. Gratitude also builds stronger relationships, which can have positive effects on both their professional and personal lives.

Having a job

While 30 percent of job satisfaction is genetic, other factors also contribute to happiness. For example, wages increase job satisfaction in the short term but their effect diminishes quickly over time. In contrast, wage increases are better for your happiness if you get them on a regular basis rather than a few large raises every few years. In addition, wage increases have been shown to make people happier than raises that happen only infrequently.

A fulfilling career is often accompanied by good relationships. When choosing a job, make sure you’re working with people who share the same values and interests as you. It’s not necessary to make friends with everyone at work, but you should be able to rely on coworkers when needed. In fact, in a recent major meta-analysis, the importance of social support in a job was found to predict a long and happy life.

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