What Are Signs of Having a Boy?

If you are having a boy, then you might be wondering what are the signs of having a boy. From the shape of your bump to the way you walk and what kind of foods you eat, old wives’ tales are all about predicting the gender of your unborn baby. But are they all based on fact?

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What Are Signs of Having a Boy?

Some of them are so-called “scientific” theories that can’t be proven, and others are just based on superstition. Regardless, they can give you an idea of the gender of your baby and make for a fun pregnancy game.

1 – Your Bump Is Round Low Down:

According to this old wives’ tale, if your Belfast baby scan is round lower down (as in your hips) you are expecting a boy! This is because your abdomen muscles will weaken in subsequent pregnancies, so the bump will naturally sit lower.

2 – Your Nipples Are Dark:

This is another popularly held belief that nipple color is indicative of the baby’s gender. It’s thought that pregnancy hormones cause most women’s nipples to darken, whether they’re having a boy or a girl.

3 – Your Hands Are Drier:

This might not sound like a super-scientific sign, but it’s believed that girl moms tend to have dry hands during pregnancy because of all the hormones. On the other hand, boy moms have softer hands because of all the testosterone.

4 – Your Cravings Are Salty:

This is another old wives’ tale that claims you are having a boy if you crave salty food. On the other hand, if you’re craving sweet foods, you’re probably expecting a girl.

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