What Are The Types of Construction?

Type I construction refers to structures constructed using steel beams and poured concrete. This type of construction is not recommended for single-family homes. On the other hand, type II construction uses non-combustible materials and is more common in modern buildings. This type of construction relies on the mass and thickness of the structural elements.

What Are The Types of Construction?

AJF Construction London Ontario includes hospitals, shopping centres, stadiums, and schools. These projects also include the repair and expansion of existing structures. Many of these projects are privately funded and commissioned. In contrast, stadiums are supported by the local government and are often completed by the local government. Consequently, these projects have different requirements than residential projects.

What are the types of construction

Industrial construction includes buildings that require high levels of specialization and technical expertise. These buildings are usually built by for-profit companies. For example, constructing nuclear power plants requires a high degree of technical skills. Unlike residential buildings, industrial construction is most suitable for warehouses and large industrial complexes.


Heavy Timber construction is another type of construction. This type is more expensive than a Type V luxury custom home builder but features more robust construction elements. In addition, it uses sizeable dimensional lumber to frame the structure.

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