What is a Horse Stall Called?

A horse stall is a square box in which a single horse lives, sometimes with windows that allow him to see his buddies. The stall is typically lined with hay or straw bedding. This bedding is renewable, affordable and easy to clean up when soiled. It can, however, harbor mice, rat and opossum droppings, which can be a source of disease for horses. It can also be dusty and may cause respiratory problems in some horses.

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Exploring the Beauty of Wood Flooring for Horse Stalls

Wood flooring brings a touch of elegance to Horses Stall while offering practical benefits. This article explores the aesthetic appeal and advantages of wood flooring, such as natural insulation, comfort, and sustainability. Discover the considerations when opting for wood flooring in your horse stall design.

What is a Horse Stall Called?

Some horses don’t like living in a stall. They may develop vices like cribbing, weaving or pacing, which are behavioral responses to the confinement horse stall door. Others can become depressed in a stall and may be prone to colic or founder, which are signs of stress-related disorders. To prevent this, it is important to give a horse plenty of opportunity for exercise and socialization outside the stalled environment.

There are two common types of stalls: box stalls and standing or tie stalls. Box stalls are larger and can accommodate several horses, while standing stalls are half the size of a box and hold only one horse. Standing stalls are designed with a manger in the front to which a horse can be tied.


Stalls can be constructed with wood frames that require interior columns or the more stable and economical clear span type trusses. Many of these trusses feature channels that accept standard dimensional lumber for a sturdy and easy-to-install installation. Stall partitions feature three connectors at one end and a pin and connector at the other, which connect to wall mounted brackets or to another partition panel used to create the rear of your stall.

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