What is Durham University Known For?

What is Durham University Known For? A global centre of teaching and research excellence, a collegiate community of extraordinary people, and a unique historic setting make Durham University one of the world’s most remarkable universities. Located in northeast England, it is a lively research and teaching community that makes a big difference to the local region.

Courses & facilities: The University offers a wide range of degree courses in many disciplines. Popular subjects include physics, law, economics, psychology, and geography.

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What is Durham University known for?

Whether you’re looking to study abroad, or in the UK, Durham has everything you need for an amazing education. You’ll be surrounded by world-class academics and top-notch facilities on campus, as well as a huge network of clubs and societies to help you get the most out of your time at Durham.


At Durham, you’ll find yourself living and studying in one of sixteen colleges – each with its own distinctive character, traditions and facilities. It’s here that you’ll make lifelong friends and take part in a vibrant, social and scholastic life.


Sport is an important part of student life at Durham. Nearly 75% of students participate in some form of sport and there are over 200 teams in the university leagues.

Musical life:

Music is a big part of the culture at Durham and there is something for every taste. There are orchestras, bands, choruses and choirs, as well as African drumming and gamelan ensembles.

Its alumni are well-known for their achievements, and it has one of the highest rates of graduate employment in the UK. Almost all graduates are in work or further study three and a half years after graduation (Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey 2016/17).

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