What Is Introduction to Business Technology?

Introduction to business technology is a course that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful careers in business. The course focuses on a broad range of topics such as business principles, financial decision-making, professional communication, and fundamental computer skills.

Introducing the course to students, you can expect students to engage in various activities such as discussion groups, case studies, and small group problem solving. These activities may be classroom-based or remote live.

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What Is Introduction to Business Technology?

The course is taught by teachers with a background in business and/or technology. They may have a strong interest in the subject and a desire to teach it to high school students.

Students are expected to use their learning from this course to support career exploration and creative development. They will gain experience with various technology business news and technology opportunities including student organizations like FBLA and internships.

What Are the Course Standards?

The Intro to Business and Technology course has a set of standards that teachers must meet. These standards are designed to ensure that all students meet the basic educational requirements of the course and will ultimately be prepared for college or their chosen career field.

This course is one of the first courses students take in the JA High School Experience curriculum and is designed to prepare high schoolers for a future in business. It’s a one-semester teacher-led course that introduces students to the basics of personal, managerial, and technical skills.

Demonstrate the basic concepts of business and finance by viewing financial statements and using them to make decisions about a business venture. Learn how to use spreadsheet software to produce professional financial statements representative of a small business.

Show an understanding of the role of finance professionals in a business by exploring how they manage finances, monitor budgets, and plan for growth. Explore how a company’s financial health is affected by factors such as market and customer demand, supply chain management, and internal audits.

Identify the importance of business ethics and understand why it is an integral part of every organization. Explain the relationship between business and the environment, as well as the influence that legal, regulatory and economic issues have on business.

Develop the ability to interpret and present information in a manner that enhances a business’s image. Exhibit appropriate oral, written and digital business communication skills to facilitate communication in a workplace.

A strong business technology strategy is essential to ensuring that businesses have access to the latest technological advancements and are equipped to deliver a positive customer experience. This is done through a combination of practices, tools, structures and governance mechanisms that enable technology to be utilised across all areas of an organisation.

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