What We Know So Far About the March 2023 Core Algorithm Update

There are thousands of algorithm tweaks that happen each year, but few have the impact on search results that broad core algorithm updates do. These changes are typically announced by Danny Sullivan and the @SearchLiaison twitter handle before they roll out, which gives SEOs and website owners a window to prepare and adjust. Because these core updates are designed to improve Google’s comprehension of content, it can be hard to pinpoint the cause if your pages fall in rankings.

What We Know So Far About the March 2023 Core Algorithm Update

In the early days of this update, the SEO community has noticed significant ranking fluctuations across several industries. The most notable impacts seem to be in the finance, news, shopping and gaming categories according to LinkedIn. Google has not released any information about the specific intent of this update, but it appears to be a re-evaluation of core quality signals and a move towards more user-oriented search results.

This update could also be targeting spammy websites that utilize black hat techniques to rank higher in SERPs, such as hidden headings, text or links, cloaking URLs and keywords, etc. These websites can be demoted or even completely removed from the search engine results if found to violate Google’s spam policies.

As with any core algorithm update, it will take time to fully recover from its effects. It’s important to monitor your SEO metrics, such as organic search traffic and keyword rankings over the next few weeks. Taking action to improve your website’s quality and user experience will help you get back in the search results sooner rather than later.

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