Why Purchase A RailBlaza Stands?

The railblaza rail mount system is an easy way to display your favorite photos on your boat. The Railblaza system uses an innovative mounting system, which is made from a hard-wearing and long-lasting material making it ideal for outdoor use. The Railblaza system has been specifically designed to be extremely strong and durable for any demanding conditions making it the perfect rail mount for any rail or boat. No more fussing with fittings or troublesome sticking to a flat surface.

With the addition of an optional Hobie Hobo accessory, the Railblaza system becomes even more versatile, offering a more secure way to display your photos and more importantly your contacts and tools. The railblaza rail mount comes with its own Hobie which makes it perfect for use with the railblaza system Railblaza Kayak Mounting Accessories. The Railblaza Hobie accessory helps to secure your precious cargo in place when on the open deck of your vessel. The Railblaza Hobie snaps onto the railblaza rail mount and is held securely in place with a strong and reliable magnetic clasp.

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The Railblaza Hobie attaches to the railblaza rail mount with a strong and reliable magnetic clasp. The magnetic clasp offers a great deal of security, making it one of the most popular accessories available for use with the railblaza system. One of the many advantages of the railblaza rail mount is that is very versatile which enables you to use the railblaza rail mount in a number of different ways, for example: for use on round railings, on kayak outriggers, or on any size boat. You can also attach the railblaza rail mount to any standard ladder to give you easy access to your boat deck.

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