Why the Jets Are Flying High?

With the draft and free agency over, the Jets have added a new head coach and defensive coordinator and are flying high. The team’s new coaching staff looks to improve both sides of the ball in 2021. Here are three reasons why. Read on to find out why the Jets are so good right now. And stay tuned for our next article. We’ll look at the players who are contributing to the Jets’ success.

Why the Jets Are Flying High?

The defense has been the team’s Achilles’ heel last season. While it wasn’t the best in the league, the Jets were consistently solid against the run. They finished seventh in yards allowed per rush, despite allowing 6.93 yards on every pass play. However, their defense was lethargic on passing plays, ranking 28th and allowing fewer than four yards per attempt. Moreover, quarterback Josh McCown has not been at the top of his game this year, which means the Jets will have to rely on this unit to win the season.

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